About Lexingford publishing

Established in 2012, Lexingford Publishing is a leading independent book and manuscript publisher. Partnering with seasoned authors and talented writers, our company is responsible for bringing numerous fiction and nonfiction titles, poetry collections, management books, short story collections, and other works to the reading public. 
We offer 60% royalty of net profit to authors. For example, a $19.95 book sold on amazon.com typically brings $10 in net profit. The author's share, in this case, is $6 for every sale. We achieve this high royalty rate (the highest we know of in the publishing industry) as a publishing cooperative, meaning that the author makes a contribution to the total cost of producing his or her book. For many books, the publisher bears all development and marketing expenses (traditional publishing).  In case where the author has little or no platform of likely book purchasers, we offer a contributory plan in which the author make a contribution to the development and publication of his or her book.  This contribution ranges from $1900 for a relatively short poetry or short story book to $2900 for a full-length novel, or management book.  All books come out under the Lexingford Publishing imprint, with no taint of "self-publishing."  All Lexingford books are deposited with the Library of Congress.  All come with complete amazon.com and eStore pages and the free option to appear as a Kindle e-book, with net profit at present of 70 percent, divided 60 percent to the author and 40 percent to the publisher.  Average time from completion of your manuscript to a book in your hand ready for sale is two months. 

our team


Arthur Bell, Publisher

Art Bell, Publisher, holds his PhD in English Literature from Harvard University. He himself is author of 52 books, including several on the art of writing. Art oversees and takes a hands-on interest in all projects published by Lexingford. 

Our team takes a personal, hands-on approach in helping you achieve your publishing goals. We are represented by acquisitions and development associates in Ottawa, Manhanttan, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and New Orleans. The Lexingford Team is made up of experts in manuscript development, cover design, marketing, and public relations. 

Angela Ng, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong Acquisitions Editor

Angela Ng, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong Acquisitions Editor, holds her PhD in Finance from Stanford University and undergraduate degrees from the London School of Economics. She works particularly with authors from the Asia region seeking a US publisher and manuscript developer.

Suzanne Dugas, Southern US Region Acquisitions Editor

Suzanne Dugas, Southern US Region Acquisitions Editor and Latin America, holds her M.A. in Educational Administration and specializes in children's literature, regional novels and non-fiction, family histories, and memoirs.

Lauren Reilly, Eastern US Region Acquisitions Editor

Lauren Reilly, Eastern US Region Acquisitions Editor, holds her M.A. in Education from Fordham University and her B.A. from Vassar. In 2016 she was selected as a Champion of Change in Education by the White House, one of nine distinguished individuals whose live-streamed co-panelists included Cabinet-level leaders. She focuses on all genres of publication, especially those related to history, art, and culture.