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Established in 2012, Lexingford Publishing is a leading independent book and manuscript publisher. Partnering with seasoned authors and talented writers, our company is responsible for bringing numerous fiction and nonfiction titles, poetry collections, management books, short story collections, and other works to the reading public.   Of our 65 titles published to date, you may wish to peruse Service Reborn, by Po Chung, Asian co-founder of DHL; The Journey Within, by Kim Hughes, PhD, The Magic Museum, by Rick Isaacson, PhD; PO: a Poetry Collection, by Virginia Clark Clarkson; Among the Veils, by Bret Sweet; and Why Should I?, by Maureen Taylor et al.  on and other on-line booksellers.
We pay 60% royalty to authors of all profits. By contrast, big-name publishers pay, on average, 10% royalty on the publisher's net profit, which can be a relatively small percentage of the retail price. We believe in flipping the publishing model so that authors can receive the lion's share of profits from their book sales.

From the time we receive your completed manuscript, we target two weeks as our goal to put the finished, ready-for-sale book in your hands.

We don't farm out text editing and manuscript development to others. The Publisher, Art Bell, and his assistant editors work side-by-side with you to assure the highest level of quality for your project and the greatest likelihood of market success.

We are the first to purchase 25 copies of your book, which we place with reviewers, interview hosts, newspapers, magazines, universities and schools (if appropriate), and literary contests both nationally and internationally.  This personalized marketing helps to kick start the success of your book.  Within two days of book publication, we launch your fully-developed page across the five continents currently served by amazon.  You also will have an online "store" where you can obtain copies of your book at a fraction of retail price and, if you wish, offer discounts to friends, family, and others who want to purchase your book.  In addition, we work through Ingram, the world's largest book distributor, to call on bookstores as well as university, school, and public libraries.  We have been sponsors of Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac heard daily on Public Broadcasting. 
Your manuscript will be primarily in the capable hands of Art Bell, PhD (English, Harvard), himself the author of 52 books.  We take a personal, hands-on interest in helping you achieve your publishing goals.  Other members of the Lexingford staff include experts in manuscript development, cover design, marketing, and public relations.  We are represented by acquisitions and development associates in Ottawa, Manhattan, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and New Orleans. 

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